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Case Study – Aberystwyth University

Client Requirement

Aberystwyth University needed to renew over 40 Display Energy Certificates (DEC’s) across its property estate. An important part of this renewal process was a requirement to compare this year’s results with results from the previous year.

The Brief

TBS was commissioned to undertake the renewal DEC’s, in addition to managing a review of the overall energy consumption.


Through undertaking the comparison analysis of the DECs from the current and previous year, TBS was able to identify in excess of 200,000 kWh in wasted energy, directly due to incorrect control settings and resulting in approximately £12,000.00 in energy cost savings.


  • Real energy saving opportunities identified through a ‘routine’ DEC renewal process
  • Practical strategies at little or no cost to improve energy management
  • Ongoing consultancy support and advice 
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